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RV fiberglass and Delamination issues

I have been in this business a long Time and have found that delamination is caused by two things, One you should go over your coach for rock chips and have them touched up right away, A rock chip allows air and water to enter the luan and penetrate the resins in the gel coat, from there you will see paint checking start to appear,

The other cause

The other cause of checking is black colors make sure you wax and especially care for black painted stripes on your coach, Black draws more heat and causes the clear to expand and shrink which eventually can cause stress cracks! With out wax the elements air and water will reside in these cracks until it can penetrate them.

Repairs we have our methods for repair and we trust that you will be happy with the final appearance and we are happy to have helped with all your fiberglass repairs,
RV Especially Painted black have tendency to have some thing called thermal Paint Checking, It is when Heat happens to bake the gel coat on the luan wall and in turn starts to crack and Chip, We are able to repair these types of situation using fiberglass repair methods, That are our trade secret, We have done many RV, Boats Vans, And Auto Buses.
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